Our work.

Leafletta Foundation was established to provide access to safe, clean water and sanitation for those living in rural areas. 

In the arid and semi-arid lands where we work, communities are water-stressed for many months of the year. Even where water supply is adequate, its quality is often poor. In Northern Kenya and Somalia, most of the population relies on pastoralism to earn a living. Water is sufficient during the rainy season only, and yields decrease as dry spells progress. Droughts have increased dramatically over the past several decades, resulting in the deaths of many animals, reducing the availability of pasture, and increasing the distance between water sources.

To address this we design innovative water management and treatment interventions tailored to local needs, and trained community members on how to better manage water resources.

Together we can help children, their families, and entire communities become stronger, more resilient, and self-sufficient.